Mahmoud's story: The construction of 6 semi-rectangular new cisterns in Um Kbaesh, Atuf

Mahmoud Tayeh is an 82-year-old Palestinian farmer from Tamoun. He spends his days working his land in Um Kbaesh. Mahmoud is one of the few people in the area of Um Kbaesh who has successfully reinvigorated underutilized agricultural land by planting olive trees. In order to support his work, PWEG installed a cistern on his agricultural fields.Mahmoud assisted our staff in supervision of the construction work. Mahmoud is now looking forward to using his new water source in order to expand crop production.

Mahmoud’s village, Um Kbaesh, is situated in an Israeli-designated military zone. Because of Israeli restrictions and the lack of roads and water resources, it is difficult for the land owners to access and make efficient use their land for agriculture. Through the UNDP Community Resilience Development Program (CRDP), PWEG constructed 6 semi-rectangular cisterns. As a result, beneficiaries  of the cisterns have expressed their renewed determination to invest time, energy and resources in their agricultural land.

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