Implementing a sanitation project in Marj Al Ghazal village


Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG) has implemented a wastewater management system in Marj al-Ghazal village in the Jordan valley, 40 km north of Jericho along the border with Jordan. The project covered the whole village with decentralized sewage services connecting small groups of houses to a grey wastewater treatment plant and modified septic tank; the project was implemented in 3 phases: phase 1 consisted in the implementation of six gray wastewater treatment plants and six modified septic tanks built within a project funded by USAID, phase 2 consisted in building seven grey wastewater treatment plants and eight modified septic tanks funded by OSPREY, in phase 3, which is funded also by OSPREY, houses and public facilities such as the school and others were connected to the sewerage facilities.

Marj al-Ghazal became the first village in Palestine fully covered with decentralized wastewater management system, serving about 90% of its residents where wastewater is treated and reused in supplementary irrigation of Palm trees.

PWEG is developing this highly efficient low cost and low technological decentralized system, aiming to serve marginalized areas and small communities; by providing a safe and healthy environment and providing an additional source of water to be used in complementary irrigation of date palm trees, this will enhance living conditions of the community and contribute to the development of the Jordan Valley.

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