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Operation of Agricultural Deep Wells by Renewable Energy in Partnership with AIES.


First of its type in the Jordan Valley

Proud to support the resilience of Palestinian date farmers in the Jordan Valley.



















Un-Administered Palestinian Areas, Lessons Learned Workshop


PWEG participated in lessons learned workshop organized by UNDP (CRDP) at Palestinian red crescent society.


Closing Ceremony of Rehabilitation of Auja Spring Project


PWEG held a closing ceremony event of the “Rehabilitation of Al-Auja Spring” project, which was funded by the “UNDP” through the program Every Drop Matters. The ceremony was attended by the mayors of Auja and Jericho Municipalities, representatives from PWA, MoA, Environmental Quality Authority, of Auja Water Committee, representatives of UNDP, and the general manager of PWEG. The project contributed to sustainably resolving water losses in Auja spring canal through the cleaning and rehabilitation of most damaged parts of the canal, raising its walls to prevent landslides and construction of drinking and washing basins for the use of livestock to reduce pollution of the stream. The project rehabilitated most damaged sluice gates and constructed new gates on the main and secondary irrigation canals. In addition, an awareness campaign which targeted Bedouin communities in Auja area was implemented on safe water use and public health. It is worth mentioning that the project contributed to saving of about one million cubic meter of water used by the Palestinian farmers, this will help strengthening their resilience and enhance their life living conditions. 


PWEG cooperates with the American University – School of International Service/Global Environmental Politics Program


The Summer Practicum Class on Water Cooperation in the Middle East is going along since three years and involves American master students who are studying the water conflict in the region. The class made a visit to PWEG head offices in Al Bireh and listened to an introduction on PWEG mandate and mission, discussion took place on main PWEG ongoing actions and activities, a focus was made on the implementation of the “Support of Date Palm Farmers in the Jordan Valley” project and the Photovoltaic Plant installed for electricity generation for the sake of operating a pump which is pumping water for the irrigation of 450 donums serving 45 farmers implemented by PWEG and AIES. The class visited Al Bireh and Ramallah Wastewater Treatment Plants and discussed about Wastewater Management in the region. The visit included site visits to  Auja Spring Canal, Jericho water facilities in Ein Al Sultan, other visits to Taybeh Wastewater Treatment Plant and meetings with main local and national water stakeholders are planned. 




Moving PWEG head offices to a new address


PWEG has moved its head offices to the following new address :

Birzeit street , Al-Salmiyeh area opposite to Surda new mosque, Al Bireh, Palestine – 1st floor - Telefax: 02 - 2962452, P.O.Box:3665 ---

Meeting Tuscan water and wastewater partners.


Under the project of Strengthening the Capacities of the Palestinian Union of Water Service Providers (UPWSP). 
PWEG coordinated and participated at a meeting in Tuscany between the Italian Tuscan partners and the UPWSP. The above project which is funded by region Tuscany aims at strengthening the capacities of the UPWSP. The delegation met the mayor of Prato president of ANCI, president of CISPEL Tuscany, Director of AIT Tuscany.



Closing Ceremony of the Project “Governance and Capacity Building to the Water Service Providers, Members of the UPWSP”


PWEG in partnership with Autorita’ Idrica Toscana, Cispel Conservizi Toscana has celebrated the closure of a two years’ project. Senior Experts from Tuscany and Palestine have worked hard contributing to the water sector capacity building. 30 water service providers have been trained in subjects related to water tariff calculation, water losses reduction and safety on the job. The trainees have been accountants, managers, technicians and engineers.  Mayors of southern Palestinian municipalities together with representatives from Palestinian Water Authority attended the event. The president of the Italian Union of Tuscan Municipalities thanked PWEG and Open Plan Consulting for their efforts to make this project successful. In her speech the representative of the Italian Cooperation appreciated the support made by Region Tuscany and Tosca organizations in support to the UPWSP and to the Palestinian water service providers inviting all partners to continue their support to the Palestinian Water sector



PWEG has called for tenders for the installation of onsite collective greywater treatment plants and modified septic tanks in Marj Al Ghazal – Jordan Valley


Meeting with Tuscany water partner


Tuscany and Palestine have a close friendly and cooperative relations manifested through the projects and continued support to Palestine.

 PWEG has played an important role in the development of this cooperation and friendship. In this context and as a follow up of the support provided by Tuscan partners and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, PWEG organized an important visit for the Palestinian Minister President of Palestinian Water Authority aiming to strengthen this relation, present all challenges facing the Palestinian water sector and needed support. Tuscany has great experience in the institutional and technical sides related to the water and wastewater sector. Tuscan partners expressed their well to continue the support to the wastewater sector in Palestine.

The delegation consisted of the acting Palestinian Ambassador in Rome, Omar Al-Faqih and engineer Monther Hind director general of PWEG.

The visit included meetings with the Tuscany Region and its Council, the Tuscany Water Authority, Publy Acqua Company, as well as Prato University and its Research Center, Prato City Sanitary Management Company GIDA, Municipality of San Giuliano, and Timesi.

PWEG participated at the opening of project "NEXUS North" funded by AFD & EU, in the presence of Prime Minister Dr. Mohamed Shtayyeh.


NEXUS North Project, a new innovative project linking renewable energies and water infrastructures in the North of Palestine was launched under the auspices and in the presence of the Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh on Thursday 20-6-2019 in Tubas.

Thomas Niklasson, the Deputy EU Representative in Jerusalem, with Pierre Cochard, the Consul General of France in Jerusalem, joined the Palestinian Prime Minister, Eng. Mazen Ghuneim, Head of the Palestinian Water Authority, Eng. Majdi Al Salhi, Minister of Local Government, Eng. Thafer Melhem, the Chairman of the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority and officials JSCs from Jenin and Tubas to celebrate the official start of the Nexus North Project that funded by the EU and AFD. They laid the cornerstone of the first windmill ever in Tubas that will serve the project

The Governor of Tubas, Younis Al-Assi began the ceremony by welcoming the participants and the organizers of the event, then talked about the project which is the first of its kind in the Palestinian fund by the AFD and EU. It is based on wind power generation where it could pave the way to a whole new sector for wind energy.

He also thanked the assisting actors for this success which it comes from realizing the importance of the project through improving water and sanitation services for more than 115,000 citizens in the service area of the T-JWSC J-JSC.


In Eng. Ghoneim speech said that NEXUS North project is the first project linking the water and energy sectors in Palestine. It is one of the largest and most important projects in the country as well, not according to the large funding and efforts, but also the urgent need and the humanitarian, economic and social dimensions, which make it a vital project.

He added, the project is a good beginning for future projects, directing support for investment in clean energy projects and linking the water and energy sectors in Palestine to support for investment in energy projects and linking the water and energy sectors in Palestine.


The French Consul Pierre and the Deputy EU Representative Thomas expressed their pleasure in announcing this pioneering project which will contribute to the provision of water through the use of energy, pointing out that they exist to support the right to water as it is the right of the Palestinians, such as dignity and freedom. They thanked the Palestinian partners in this project, which they consider to be one of the most important and largest projects implemented jointly by them and is different from that in the water sector.


Meanwhile, Eng. Thafer stressed the necessity of diversifying the energy sources in Palestine and enhancing renewable energy generation capabilities to meet the needs of the Palestinian people, reduce reliance on the Israeli side and take it as the only source of energy for us and strive for independence.

He also talked about attempts to provide energy sources, but it has failed because of the Israeli obstacle.


This ceremony was ended with a congratulatory speech from Dr.  Mohammad Shtayyeh for this project, which it links Tubas with Jenin, water and energy, France with the European Union, the government with the councils of services. This project will enable us to create development, where in every governorate, there is a need to have a Water, road network and hospital. This development will lead to the implementation of agricultural clusters in Tubas and industrial in Nablus and tourism in Bethlehem and others. As he has called to harvest the rain by digging  the wells.

Six students from Jenin and Tubas schools win the draw logo


Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG) organized a water and energy “Logo Competition" within Nexus North Public Awareness Campaign funded by AFD and EU in Jenin and Tubas governorates., 400 students participated at the competition from different selected schools in the two governorates, six students have own the competition,  The commotion was coordinated with the Ministry of Education in Tubas and Jenin Governorates.

There were some awareness meetings made at the schools to explain about the project and the competition objectives and output, these were made before the competition starts and helped give the students a good background about the project and the campaign. To mentioned that these meetings were made in both governorates in collaboration with the education directorates and schools’ principals these meetings helped the students to draw appropriate drawings for the subject and its objectives. The competition has lasted for two weeks, through this period the art teachers have properly and continuously supported the students to ensure the production of drawings suitable with the message of the campaign and the importance of the project.

PWEG public awareness experts set up some internal committees in each school, these consisted of the school principal and the teacher of art education as well as the heads of the school health department.

The competition took place in the schools of Jenin governorate which are, Khalil Al-Wazir School, the First Silat Al Harthiya School, Sumaya Bent Al Khayyat School, Al Khansaa School and the Schools of Tubas Governorate are; Al-Biruni for Boys, Nabaheh Al-Masri for Girls, Aqaba Elementary School, and Tayasir Girls School.


Last week, PWEG held a closing ceremony in Tubas Municipality Hall to present the results and the prizes to the six winners, many people and stakeholders participated at the ceremony within which the followings:  Education Departments of the two Governorates of Jenin and Tubas and their administrative staff, the Joint Service Councils of Tubas, in addition to the representative of AFD.

In addition, this project is the first of its kind in the Palestinian territories in the service area of the Joint Services Council in Tubas and the Joint Services Council for the villages of West Jenin and it works on improving the water and sensation services for over than 115,000 citizens by relying on renewable energy generation from windmills and photovoltaic systems.


The Project Of Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply - MEDISS


Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group represented by its Director Eng. Monther Hind with Governorate of Jericho represented by the Governor Mr. Jihad Abu Al-Asal signed a Partnership Agreement (PA) for the implementation of the project Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply- MEDISS under the Cooperative Across Borders in the Mediterranean “ENI CBCMED” funded by the European Union (EU) and under the Sardinian Governorate administration.

The project contributes to sustainable water availability in the Mediterranean area (Italy, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine). The project activities in Jericho City include the implementation of retention basins to benefit from the Wadi Qelt water and improve the quality of salt water and the treated wastewater that comes from Jericho wastewater treatment plant and mix them in a ground reservoir to be used by farmers throughout the year, in particular the Cooperative Society for Date Farmers in Jericho and the Jordan Valley.


Draw a Logo


Palestinian waste water engineers group launched a competition to "Draw a Logo" in the awareness campaign carried out by the PWEG of the "Nexus north" Project in some schools in North-West Jenin and Tubas Governorate, funded by the EU and AFD.

PWEG Organized a Workshop on Connecting Houses to Sewage


As part of the public awareness campaign of sewage, The Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG) in cooperation with Tubas Municipality and the Joint Services Council for Water and Sanitation in Tubas Governorate organized a workshop entitled "Connecting Houses to the Sewage Network" on Thursday, 25/04/2019.

The workshop was attended by a number of governmental and non-governmental institutions and representatives of the people of the region.

The workshop was opened by Deputy Mayor of Tubas, Eng. Mohammed Abu Khader, who welcomed the audience and indicate their interest in the issue of sanitation and stressed the municipality readiness to provide support on their part.

The head of the Joint Services Council, Eng. Hassan Majali, thanked PWEG for organizing the workshop, stressing the importance of sanitation and its necessity. He also called for the commitment and completion of the project.

In the speech of the representative of the Water Authority, Eng. Ziad Darghma, emphasized the importance of the project in light of the efforts they are making to make it a success. The project's success is complemented by the support and cooperation of the citizens.

The Executive Director of the Services Council, Eng. Essa Dbabat, thanked in his speech, the workshop organizers and the audience, stressing the importance of connecting the houses to the sewage network and benefiting from these projects.

The workshop included a presentation by Eng. Abdelhamid Shami from PWEG, in which he talked in detail about the water and its sources in Palestine and how the cesspits affect the sources of drinking water and how the absorbency drilling affects the sources of drinking water, and he talked about sewage project of its importance, where this project provides a wastewater treatment plant, Sewage collection systems and irrigation system for wastewater reuse of agricultural

Shami also pointed out during the presentation of the project of house connecting, which includes the project Nexus North, and pointed to the need to participate and connect homes to the sewerage network, in addition to the role of citizens, whether to maintain the network or the continuity of payment of fees due, these fees placed within the financial capacity of the population and to ensure continuity of service.

The workshop had been marked by the interaction of the audience, the discussion and questions were opened, which enriched it added usefulness

The workshop "Connecting Houses to the Sewage Network" is a community meeting within the awareness campaign of the “Nexus North” Project - technical assistance to the Joint Council of Services for Drinking Water and Sanitation in the Tubas Region, funded by the AFD and EU

Training seminar for lead beneficiaries of ENI CBC Med Programme


Training workshop on management, communication and accounting by the Managing Authority of ENI CBC MED program in Rome. 

Kick of Meeting of Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply- MEDISS Project


Kickoff meeting in Cagliari Italy to launch the project MEDISS with the objective to Contribute to a sustainable water balance in Sardinia, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine and increase resilience to water stress and climate change, all partners “from Italy, Tunisia, Jordan and Palestine” attended the meeting. The project is funded by the EU through the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

The participation of Palestinian Waste Water Engineers Group in a workshop organized by the Jericho Governorate regards to MEDISS project


PWEG has participated in the meeting that was held in Jericho Governorate on 10/11/2019. This meeting has presented the results of Jericho Governorate participation as a Palestinian partner in MEDISS project launching (KoM) which took place in the Sardinia Governorate in Italy. The project is under the Cooperative across borders in the Mediterranean “ENI CBCMED” Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and under the Sardinian Governorate administration. Amal Orabi, the Project General Coordinator as a representative of PWEG, present a full detailed description about the project, indicating the project main objectives which are to enhance sustainable water balance in MEDISS areas, increase resilience to water stress and climate change, reduce water and soil salinity, reduce stress on groundwater and enable high productivity and diversification of agricultural production through nonconventional water supply, mainly in the presence of water scarcity and shortage in Jericho/ Jordan Valley areas. The project will serve the Jericho city, in particular the Palm Farm Cooperatives Association in Jericho and Al Aghwar by providing them with suitable water for agriculture that comes from blending of Wadi Al Qalt water with saline water and TWW from nearby Jericho WWTP in optimal ratios.

The Jordanian newspaper


The Jordanian newspaper "Ad-Dustour " announced the launch of  Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply "MEDISS" project.

Meeting with the Palm Farm Cooperatives Association in Jericho and Alaghwar (Palestinian Beneficiary of MEDISS project)


Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG) met the Palm Farm Cooperatives Association in Jericho and Alaghwar on Tuesday 26/11/2019 which represents the Palestinian beneficiary from the Mediterranean Integrated System of Water Supply (MEDISS) under the Cooperative across borders in the Mediterranean “ENI CBCMED” Programme, funded by the European Union (EU) and under the Sardinian Governorate administration. This in the presence of president of Palm Farm Cooperatives Association in Jericho and Alaghwar, Mr. Ghazi Thaher and project coordinator from Jericho, Eng. Moutaz Hroub.
The project General Manager, Eng. Monther Hind explained in detail the idea of the project and mentioned the final project outputs, focused on the pilot that will be implemented in Jericho, including a retention basin, ground reservoir equipped with mixer to mix three types of water ( saline water, Wadi Al Qalt water and TWW from Jericho TWWP), water testing lab and etc.. He confirmed that the project will provide additional quantities of water.

Recruitment of Procurement Expert - MEDISS Project


Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group “PWEG” is a technical NGO working in Palestine and the region intends to recruit a part time Procurement Expert to work on the project Mediterranean Integrated System for Water Supply “MEDISS”; interested experts are invited to present an application letter supported with a CV in English showing the name; date of birth; nationality; contact information; academic qualifications, level of English skills; previous experience in procurement in general and EU funded projects in particular and experience working in Palestine and MENA area to the following email address: no later than 8/12/2019.

PWEG will short list 5 to 6 applicants who will be called for an interview.

For more information related to MEDISS project, please refer to the following link:

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