PWEG Organized a Workshop on Connecting Houses to Sewage


As part of the public awareness campaign of sewage, The Palestinian Wastewater Engineers Group (PWEG) in cooperation with Tubas Municipality and the Joint Services Council for Water and Sanitation in Tubas Governorate organized a workshop entitled "Connecting Houses to the Sewage Network" on Thursday, 25/04/2019.

The workshop was attended by a number of governmental and non-governmental institutions and representatives of the people of the region.

The workshop was opened by Deputy Mayor of Tubas, Eng. Mohammed Abu Khader, who welcomed the audience and indicate their interest in the issue of sanitation and stressed the municipality readiness to provide support on their part.

The head of the Joint Services Council, Eng. Hassan Majali, thanked PWEG for organizing the workshop, stressing the importance of sanitation and its necessity. He also called for the commitment and completion of the project.

In the speech of the representative of the Water Authority, Eng. Ziad Darghma, emphasized the importance of the project in light of the efforts they are making to make it a success. The project's success is complemented by the support and cooperation of the citizens.

The Executive Director of the Services Council, Eng. Essa Dbabat, thanked in his speech, the workshop organizers and the audience, stressing the importance of connecting the houses to the sewage network and benefiting from these projects.

The workshop included a presentation by Eng. Abdelhamid Shami from PWEG, in which he talked in detail about the water and its sources in Palestine and how the cesspits affect the sources of drinking water and how the absorbency drilling affects the sources of drinking water, and he talked about sewage project of its importance, where this project provides a wastewater treatment plant, Sewage collection systems and irrigation system for wastewater reuse of agricultural

Shami also pointed out during the presentation of the project of house connecting, which includes the project Nexus North, and pointed to the need to participate and connect homes to the sewerage network, in addition to the role of citizens, whether to maintain the network or the continuity of payment of fees due, these fees placed within the financial capacity of the population and to ensure continuity of service.

The workshop had been marked by the interaction of the audience, the discussion and questions were opened, which enriched it added usefulness

The workshop "Connecting Houses to the Sewage Network" is a community meeting within the awareness campaign of the “Nexus North” Project - technical assistance to the Joint Council of Services for Drinking Water and Sanitation in the Tubas Region, funded by the AFD and EU

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